Product Lines

Beauty in sustainability.

Essential Haircare

This line contains nourishment, hydration, volume, shine. Elasticity, smoothness and daily care products. Ingredients in this line are sourced from slow food presidia farms in Italy and products are made within 24 hours.


A pigmented product line devised from Davines’s research labs in Parma, Italy designed for radiant, colored hair, both enhanced and natural. This line retains color and transforms hair with a stunning hue.

Your Hair Assistant

This line is made by Davines and Angelo Siminara. The goal for this line is to create the perfect style, from hair prep to treatment. Ingredients include Vitamin E, almond butter, coconut powder, and bamboo.


Products are nutrient dense with 98-100% natural ingredients and contain nectar oils that can be used on anything, not just your hair!


A system of products that aims to treat scalp issues while also introducing cutting edge technology and sustainable beauty practices that combine nature, man, and technology.


A product family that shines, softens, and detangles hair that can be used both in daily routines and unique styles. Oi products are also made with Amazonian oil.

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